Natural enzymes work by biodegrading the organics in pools and spas, actually breaking them down to their original building blocks, such as carbon dioxide and water, which are essentially reabsorbed back into the pool or spa water.
Spa Doc proudly offers Natural Chemistry products, which we have found to be very effective for maintaining clean and healthy pools, spas, and the water therein! Below, please find a few of our best selling Natural Chemistry products.

Spa Perfect
Prevents scum, waterline buildup, and chemical odors. Takes care of organic material, leaving the sanitizer to do its job on the bacteria.
Clean & Perfect
One capful per week keeps spa water perfectly clear! Quickly clears cloudy water or polishes dull water by removing small suspended particles that your filter can't capture.

Filter Perfect
Cleans both pool and spa filters. A highly concentrated deep-cleaning solution that removes deep set oils, grease and scum buildup on filters. Improves filter efficiency and can lengthen cycles between filter cleaning.
Pool Perfect
Prevents scum and waterline ring. Eliminates chemical odors, keeps filters cleaner, extends filter life, and reduces the need for shocking.

Spa Purge
Spa plumbing cleaner. Removes built-up organic waste deposits from all spa plumbing.
Pool Magic "Spring & Fall"
For use in the fall to close pools and/or in the spring when opening. Prevents winter waterline ring, preserves pool liners and finishes, and reduces staining and the need for acid washing.

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If you're interested in reading about all of Natural Chemistry's spa products, visit their site by clicking here!